From Zero to Neon Hero: The Essential Guide for Beginners to Create Neon Signs

We’ve been adamant about more neon signs long before the pandemic. Through this discussion with other artists, we’ve created the “best-of” checklist for anyone who wants to experiment with bending glass. This brand-new field of study is awe-inspiring, due to its potential to transform market trends, and for the potential to provide new revenue opportunities for artists. However, making neon signs can be difficult to wrap your head around. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the information you should be aware of when it comes to making neon signs and some of our top choices for learning awesomeness!

Join an Online Course

Let’s begin by discussing why you may want to take a course. In essence, neon signs require taking all kinds of skills and techniques (which require time and energy to acquire (think blasting, hot glass, and other types of pattern-making) and combining them in a particular way. It’s best to seek out help from someone who can guide you. We are amazed by how a course can change a person’s life for the better and we are confident that these suggestions will help others get the most benefit from the neon.

  • Northeast
    • Random Neon
    • Urban Glass
    • Brooklyn Glass
    • Just Neon Sign Company
  • Midwest
    • Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center
    • Minnesota Center for Glass Arts (FOCI)
  • Southeast
    • Glas
  • West Coast
    • The Crucible
    • Western Neon School of Art
    • Pilchuck Glass School
    • Museum of Neon Art

Download the Book

Learn to create LED Neon signs by studying the book. An open-ended arch of events can help put things into perspective: for you, your team,, and ultimately, for customers. It’s equally crucial to know how to include electrodes, noble gases,, and annealing tubing for neon glass to produce lighting. Here are some books on making neon signs to explore. Enjoy reading!

  • The Neon Engineers’ Notebook: a practical guide for optimizing your workplace. This book presents ideas and methods to tweak your equipment and yourself to create the best work. The chapters about glass work illustrate techniques for success
    Improve the bending capabilities of both novices and experienced professionals.
  • Neon Techniques:this book will teach thousands of people about the art and science behind creating LED Neon signs. The book was updated in 1997 by a renowned expert in the neon field, Neon Techniques, covers all you need to know to create, design, and fabricate repair and troubleshoot neon signs and graphic, from the basic equipment to the techniques of bending glass.
  • The Neon Superguide Complete How-To Guide:the book is the successor to the Neon Principles reference and Neon Principles Workbook. The book, which measures at 216 pages, blends the older guides with updated illustrations and text, with more useful photographs, and three new chapters. The book contains more than 10050 illustrations, tables and pictures in the book.

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