Debunking Five Widespread Misconceptions Surrounding Neon Signs

What has happened to the neon sign? Companies are turning away from the stunning and bright neon signs that dominated the market in the past.

While other options for lighted signage (like LED for instance) certainly have their own set of benefits that may have contributed to their greater use in recent years but the status of neon signage as a classic cannot be disputed.

Over the years it appears that there has been a lot of false information being circulated about neon displays. Bartush signs will dispel the myths surrounding neon displays and restore some of the famous neon signs’ glamour.

Myth 1: Neon Signs contain toxic chemicals and toxic gasses

The most popular myth associated with custom neon signs is that these types of signs often contain gases and chemicals that are physically toxic to human beings. This is false in reality.

Two kinds of gas are used in neon signs: neon gasoline (from where this sign gets its name) as well as the gas argon. Both are present in the air we breathe throughout the day.

While some older argon tubes could contain small quantities of mercury vapor but mercury exposure is extremely hazardous when it occurs repeatedly over a long time. The lighting that fluorescents use can also have mercury in trace amounts.

Myth 2 that LED signs aren’t eco-friendly

Did you know that each element of a neon sign can be recycled? It’s true! It’s true All things, from glass to the gas inside the gas, can be reused for different purposes. This helps reduce the global environmental impact.

In addition, neon signs aren’t as susceptible to light pollution as many believe. Many internal neon signs operate at less than 100 watts of illumination (slightly more than the average lightbulb).

Myth #3 The idea that touching neon signs can be dangerous

The danger of electrical shocks caused by neon signs isn’t as severe as it used to be. Nowadays, neon lighting serves as a safe alternative to many other sources of lighting.

Due to the recent changes in the law that require neon signs to be required to be equipped with additional safety features like ground fault interruptions and over-voltage protection. The majority of neon signs are powered by self-calibrating electrical converters, which use the least amount of electricity to provide power to the sign. This reduces the chance of a shocking accident.

You’ve heard it said that LED neon signs can burn the skin when touched. But, this is not true if they’re manufactured properly.

Myth 4. Neon Signs aren’t as bright or versatile as Other Lighted Signs

A lot of people insist on LED signage being utilized to get the best brightness and longevity however, they’re not immune to attack.

As with any lighting source LEDs also can turn dull. This is due to the fact that they depend on thousands of individual tiny bulbs that are located on the front and sometimes on the sides and back. These signs will eventually need to be completely replaced in the event of failure because of the risk of them becoming dulled in these areas.

For neon tubes, these distinctive kinds of light sources radiate 360 degrees of light which means they can be observed and taken in from every angle.

Neon signs can also display 40 shades and lighted signs usually display eight shades.

Myth 5: Neon signs are fragile and do not last as long as other lighted signs

Neon sign-related opponents will be quick to draw attention to the sign’s failure to last as well as their durability, but this is usually driven by personal dislike instead of evidence.

Lighting can all be damaged if they are not taken care of promptly. Certain lighting fixtures are not designed to withstand such damage. Neon lights are made more resistant via the use of an annealing procedure that helps reduce stress fractures and makes the glass more flexible.

Many also believe that neon signs have a lower lifespan than other kinds of signs. It can range from 20,000 to thirty-three hours. For properly made signs, however, this isn’t the situation. In reality, there are many cases of well-crafted neon signs being employed 24 hours a day for up to ten years with no issues.

Signs are our forte at Bartush. We strive to deliver unforgettable and iconic signs which will allow your business to stand out from the rest exactly how you want it to.

Contact us today to find out more about our fantastic display options. We look forward to making your visions of signage become reality!

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