Custom Neon Signs or LED Neon Signs: Which Is Better?

Today, we’ll look at neon signage that can be customized, as well as LED neon signs.

We’ve been in the custom-designed sign business for over 10 years. Our expertise covers design as well as manufacturing. maintenance and installation of all kinds. We’d like to give our expertise with you.

We’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of custom neon signs and LED neon signs to help you select the best one for your business. Let’s begin.

What are custom neon signs?

The long glass tubes that are filled with gas make neon signs.

The neon signs are a long-lasting and effective version of the lightbulb and appear similar to a fluorescent light. They are constructed from a long, glowing gas discharge tube that has been heated before being formed into letters and forms.

The 1920s to the 1960s was a period when customized neon signs were extremely popular. But, they decreased in popularity after the introduction of LED technology.

While neon is often described as a type of light, it’s only used to create around one-third of the colors, comprising orange, pink, and red.

Argon Gas mixed with the form of Mercury can be utilized to produce blue green, yellow, and violet, and certain shades of pink that are soft.

The atoms in the tube light up when a current strike them with an electric charge.

This video will provide an outline of how a neon sign operates.

The tube’s atoms shine when the electrons in the tube are impacted by the current of electricity from the neon light.

What is the LED Neon Signs?

the light-emitting device is the abbreviation for LED. These tiny Light Emitting Diodes are arranged on a sturdy black backing. They can be bent into the shape you want and cut to the length you need.

This video will demonstrate how LEDs function.

LED neon signs are constructed out of bendable plastic tubing.

Custom neon signs offer a variety of advantages

Signs that last a long time are constructed of long-lasting gasses. The sign itself can produce illumination for as long as 50 years.

less energy efficient than fluorescent Bulbs. Although neon signs are more efficient than fluorescent bulbs, they still consume greater power than LED. If you keep the neon sign on for 12 hours a day, it will use around 1,752 kWh of energy throughout one calendar year. A fluorescent sign will consume approximately 2,672 kWh.

Cheaper than a fluorescent sign: If you are paying 13 cents for electricity, then it would cost you $228 to run the neon sign and $347 for a fluorescent sign.

Signs made fluorescent are more costly to maintain than neon signs.

Benefits of custom neon signs

The electrical components of a Transformer last less than the Gas: While the neon sign’s gas lasts for 50 years, the electrical components, like the transformer, as well as other electrical components, are likely to last just 15 years. The longer your transformer will last the better.

not appropriate for use in areas exposed to the elements: Custom neon signs are not suitable for outdoor use unless completely shielded from snow, rain, and ice beneath the porch roof or an overhanging roof that is large. They are more suitable for indoor use.

more expensive than LED neon signs: It’s difficult to determine the price for your customized neon sign. It will be contingent on the design and size. The cost of a neon sign is typically cost less than an LED neon sign.

More costly than LED Signs to operate: neon signs are more expensive to run than LED signs. An average LED sign would cost $80 annually and neon signs will cost $228 annually.

Custom neon signs are more expensive to operate than customized LED neon signs

The benefits of LED Neon Signs

More energy efficient: LED signs consume less energy than conventional incandescent lamps which can use as much as 75% less energy. They also use less power than neon lights.

Lasts longer than Incandescent Lighting. LEDs are 25 times longer than standard incandescent lighting.

Retrofitting old signage with LED is possible: The majority of signage lighting systems can be used with the latest, energy-efficient LED lighting systems. This is known as retrofitting. Retrofitting is also possible for any kind of sign that is illuminated.

If your signage isn’t in top condition, it may be more affordable to change it for something that is more professional and represents your brand more effectively than retrofitting it.

Ideal for outdoor applications: Led neon signs are water-proof, which means they can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

More visible In Sunlight: Led lights are visibly better in sunlight, making them the best choice for outdoor use.

LED neon signs consume less energy than traditional neon signs.

There are some disadvantages to LED neon signs.

Not as bright as LED: Signs made of neon can produce greater lumens per watt than LEDs which means that LED signs might not be as brilliant as traditional neon signs.

Don’t Cut Through Fog: neon signs won’t cut through the fog as effectively as traditional neon lights.

Custom neon signs vs. custom LED neon signs – which is the best?

The most important thing to consider when choosing between customized neon signs and customized LED neon signs is to decide the purpose you would like the sign to serve.

Custom-designed neon signs are an excellent alternative if you run an old-fashioned business and are willing to pay a significant amount.

A neon LED sign is the ideal choice for signage that needs to be placed outside.

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