Neon Sign Buying Guide: What to Consider Before Making a Purchase

You are one of the neon lovers reading this post. Neon is a simple purchase. If you’re new to neons, there are likely many questions you have about the purchasing process. With our stunning neon designs and high-quality signs, The Neonist is dedicated to bringing light and joy into the world. This guide will help you make an informed decision when choosing the perfect neon.

The first thing is the most important. Decide the neon purpose.

Before you buy a neon, it is important to know what purpose it will serve. What will the sign be used for? Are you planning to have your wedding party outdoors or indoors Outdoor custom neon signs are waterproof, while indoor signs can’t be.

This sign could be part of your living room decor. Do you want to hang it in your nursery or children’s playroom? Do you own a business looking to add an attractive element to your boutique, coffee shop, or beauty salon?

We are listing these questions because we don’t know the answer. This is because the purpose and appearance of the neon are key to many of its features.

A neon vendor must be informed in advance if your wedding reception will take place outdoors. You don’t need to hang the neon elements if you want it to be a decorative piece in your nursery. Instead, opt for an acrylics-framed neon.

You can order a rechargeable battery if there isn’t a power outlet within the sign’s reach. However, it will limit the size of your choice.

It is important to consider the size of your business

Before you place an order, make sure to inspect the wall or other area where your neon sign will be installed. This will allow you to determine how large you want your neon sign. Measure the area you want your neon sign to be on your wall. Any size of neon can be made by the Neonist; let us know what you prefer.

In determining the final price of a neon sign, size is an important consideration. The sign is larger, so the price will be higher.

Design and color

The Neonist offers a range of design samples, including colors, fonts, and shapes. It is a pleasure to work with clients who are clear about their goals. We can help you make a mockup to show you how each style looks.

Price can also be affected by the style of the neon. A LED neon sign with a curvy font will cost more than one with a standard font.

The Sign’s Backing

Another neon feature you should be aware of is the mirror backing. There are several types of neon sign backings: clear acrylic backing, colored PVC (to make your sign more colorful), and mirror backing – gold or silver for a WOW effect. Each backing comes at a different price.

Last but not least. Your budget.

Prices for neons vary based on the size of the item and its design. It’s a great idea to have a conversation about your budget with the neon studio. This will help to avoid any misunderstandings during the ordering process.

Takeout: When you communicate with a neon vendor, be specific about all of your neon sign needs:

  1. The purpose of the neon and the location where it will be displayed. A professional neon studio can match a neon sign that meets your needs.
  2. Add a request for a particular design (logo, monogram) to your requirements.
  3. Size.
  4. Target Budget.

Here are some things you can expect from working with The Neonist studio

To ensure that you get the perfect neon sign, the Neonist team will offer top-notch support. We can help you design your sign to meet your specific needs.

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