Psychology of Color in Commercial Settings

Although they were no longer in fashion in the 1980s or 1990s, neon signs for sale are still a popular choice for restaurants, retail stores, and service businesses. Custom Neon signs communicate information with style, urgency, and simplicity.


  1. While historians believe that the first experiments using lighted glass tubes date back to the late 1600s at the earliest, neon signs have been around for just over a century. After discovering several “new gases”, including neon, Sir William Ramsay was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. The neon lamp was invented by Georges Claude, a French engineer. Two years later, Claude’s business partner sold his first neon sign to a Paris barber.
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  1. Since 1912, neon signs have been a popular choice because of their ability to be easily seen by customers even during daylight hours. Neon signs are often used in combination with colorful backgrounds to create streetscape signage or functional art. They were popularized during America’s rise in roadside culture, which was in the 1950s and 60s. Neon signs are used by many businesses to assist passers-by in making decisions. Hotels, for example, often use neon signs to attract guests.


  1. Although neon signs haven’t changed much since their introduction in America in 1920, neon is still a popular marketing tool. In the late 1990s, neon signs saw a revival thanks to designers. Engineers developed the technology of using different gas mixtures to increase the sign’s color ranges. Depending on the color, a “neon” sign could contain either helium, carbon dioxide, or argon. Fiber optic and LED technologies allow for more efficient signage. These signs can often be shaped into familiar neon-like shapes.

Take into account

  1. Many historians and architects accuse business owners, who overuse neon signs, of creating visual clutter. Company owners should consider both the message that a sign conveys and the aesthetic it adds to the surroundings when choosing neon signs for their business. Neon signs are often viewed differently by different neighborhoods. New Yorkers complained about the four-story neon umbrella attached to a bank headquarters. Bostonians, however, were proud of their iconic gas station sign.


  1. Vintage neon signs for sale are now attracting customers and spectators alike. The preservation societies and historic commissions work hard for the preservation of some of America’s most iconic neon signs. This adds prestige to businesses that have kept them for decades. Practically speaking, neon signs are a common way to communicate whether a store has opened or not.

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