Why LED Neon Signs Have a Brighter Future Than Traditional Neon Lights

LED neon signs are becoming more popular for businesses that want their brand to be creatively striking and stand out from traditional neon signs. Learn why LED Neon is becoming more popular and how you can make your company stand out from the crowd.

What is the difference between LED and neon signage?

The mechanics of LED neon signs and light sources can be derived from a string of Light Emitting Diodes, (LEDs), spaced far enough apart so that they overlap one another, giving off a constant glow. This is in contrast to neon lights’ flicker.

Protective polymers are used to wrap leds in lightweight, flexible, and lightweight plastics. It is also much more fragile than neon’s glass tubing. The traditional neon signs are typically a bit larger and taller than the LED counterparts. AnLED neon signs can be as small as 1 inch, as opposed to neon signs that are 3-5 inches thick. The glass tubing must also extend from the back of the LED neon signs.

For the following reasons, LED technology is becoming more popular as a cheaper, greener, and more effective way to draw attention:

Use Electricity Lighter Energy consumption is a major business expense. It is important to save money on electricity bills. Our custom neon signs consume 15x less electricity per unit than traditional neon signs. The size of the signage is determined by how many tubes have been straightened. An average of 20 watts of electricity is required to light one foot of neon signage. However, an LED light of the same thickness and length as a neon tube would only use 1.2 watts per hour. Our neon signs are also cheaper than traditional neon and will save you money for your entire lifetime. So you can start saving money immediately after you purchase a newer version.

Traditional neon signs have a fixed functionality. They can be turned on and off, but there is no way to customize the visual experience. LED neon signs allow for greater creativity because they are made up of thousands of single lights that can be programmed independently to become ‘active’. LED lights can change their color and flash or fade. The size and shape of LED bulbs can be varied to create more interesting designs, no matter how small the area is. This contrasts with the tubes that can be bent into complex shapes or simply blink on and off to make it easy to see which design will get more attention.

It’s important to mention that LED signs are bright and easy to see from far away. It can be hard to see neon signs from afar with details, especially at night when the signage is dull. You can easily dim LED neon signs to suit your needs, day-time or night-time, and this allows for better energy control. Our personalized neon lights are brighter and more efficient than standard neon lights. You can adjust the brightness to suit your display needs.

Branding Matches
There are almost unlimited colors for LED signs. This allows you to express your brand more clearly while maintaining your brand integrity. NeonExperts offers a variety of custom neon signage options to help you liven up your workplace or home.

It is easy to maintain LED neon signs with individual, strong bulbs. You can clean LED signs on and off with a damp cloth. Before cleaning neon signs, take them off and let them cool. This will make it one less thing to worry about. It can also be exposed to the public due to its safety, sturdiness, and ability to withstand any fall.

Also, LED signs can be virtually maintenance-free. The neon gas in neon signs eventually dries out and must be replaced or purchased new signage. Even though this can take up to 10 years, signs will become dimmer over the years. LED bulbs last longer and are less sensitive to weather conditions. This means that you can still use your personalized neon sign outside without worrying about water damage.

LED signs have an average life expectancy of 100,000 hours (11 years) because they are brightly lit. This is in contrast to neon signs which can last for 30,000 hours. The glass tubes used in traditional neon signs are fragile, while LED bulbs are more durable. LED neon signs are waterproof, so they are less susceptible to weather damage. This can help you save more in extreme situations.

Signs that are partially burned out can make a business look tired and unprofessional. It’s easy to replace LED bulbs so that it doesn’t affect the quality of your business and the space it is being used for. To preserve their impact, LED neon signs don’t need to be replaced immediately. Neon failures however must be replaced immediately.

Custom-made LED neon signs produce little heat and can be touched safely, unlike neon signs which can become very hot. The neon sign is not immune to shock hazards. Furthermore, the LED bulbs are extremely durable so even if it breaks, the broken glass won’t pose a danger, unlike traditional neon signs with their delicate glass tubing.

Installation Time and Cost: LED signs are easier to install than older models due to their flexibility and lighter weight. Although LED equipment is more expensive upfront, the labor savings and long-term cost savings are worth it. Old neon signs are more difficult to transport, heavier, and more dangerous to install and take longer to set up.
Technology has improved and LEDs are now more affordable.

Energy Savings
LEDs can help you save up to 70% on your energy costs. Traditional neon signs are hotter and use more energy. Glass neon requires 15,000 volts to light, while LED lighting uses only 24. Low voltage LED (12 v) is better than high voltage neon (120v). LED signs consume only 20% of the electricity as neon signs.

LED signs are the more eco-friendly option for lighting signage due to their long life span and low energy consumption. LED bulbs are also becoming more recyclable. However, neon signs that are no longer in use are considered toxic waste. LED is free of mercury, gases, glass tubes, and argon.

LED neon signs will be the future of businesses if they are looking to reduce costs on creative and eye-catching signage. Advertising costs can be reduced without sacrificing visibility and versatility. The short- and long-term advantages of LED signs are clear when you compare them with neon signs. Professionally designed LED signs are highly attractive and leave a stronger impression on the mind’s eye. LED signs are a proven and effective tool for footfall-based advertising.

Learn more about LED signs and how they can brighten your brand. Get in touch with Neon Experts to discuss your ideas and questions about LED signs.

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