The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Your Neon Sign

Have you got a custom neon sign in your yard? Here are some easy tips to make sure your business sign is always clean and appealing throughout the year.

Signage is an integral part of any brick-and-mortar company’s marketing strategy. Signs not only guide customers to your shop but also serve the following purposes:

  • Let us help you make a great impression
  • Attract customers to generate high profits.
  • Mark your business
  • Communicate important information about your company to your customers
  • Brand recognition

Calgary Neon Sign Installations – Customized and High Quality

Our highly skilled team can install, repair, maintain, and replace your billboards or signs for your business.

These are 3 tips to take care of your neon business sign

You need to be able to care for the custom neon sign you just bought for your restaurant or retail shop. You should ensure that your sign is in tip-top condition.

It will show your brand’s high standards, and attract more customers. Signs that are old, broken, or smudged can cause more damage than good.

Here are three easy tips to care for your neon business sign

1. Make sure it is not within reach of your customers

Neon signs attract many people. Signs that are too low to be touched by customers are at risk of being damaged. It is likely to fall if enough people touch your business sign.

Your Calgary lighting company can help you hang your custom neon sign safely.

2. Dust the Neon Tubes

Your neon sign should be cleaned once a month. Regular cleaning will ensure that your sign looks bright and makes future cleanings simple. A:

  • Feather duster
  • A small, stiff brush for painting
  • A vacuum cleaner equipped with a brush attachment

When you start cleaning, ALWAYS TURN THE SIGNOFF. The feather duster can be used to brush each neon tube. You can also use the paintbrush with the paintbrush to reach the crevices or cracks. Vacuum the signs after they are cleaned.

3. Keep your Sign Inputs in Place

It may seem counterintuitive but it’s the best thing for your neon sign if it’s plugged in every day. Why? If your sign is not turned on and off daily, the sign’s power transformer will fail sooner. Because led neon signs don’t use heated filaments but electrodes instead of heated filaments they won’t get hot so they aren’t a fire hazard.

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